A restaurant is an evolving living entity.

From vision to development to improvement, running a restaurant is a constant flow. Our expertise ensures the process is seamless and streamlined no matter where you are in the cycle.


Every restaurant begins with an idea.

The concept of a restaurant is much more than the food on the menu. It’s about determining the feel of the room, the flow of the kitchen, the guest experience, the number of seats, the ingredient sourcing, the equipment, and more. We understand how to turn a vision into a reality. 


The numbers determine the reality.

The idea of a restaurant comes to life once the numbers are established and understood. Revenue per sq foot impacts ingredient cost measures, budgets impact staffing, and small details make or break the margin. Business plan development and refinement encourages investor confidence and ensures a single focus. 

  • Business Plan Development
  • Capital Structures
  • Pro-forma Budgets
  • P&L Analysis
  • Budget Development
  • Cost Analysis
  • Labor Cost Modeling
Development Models Completed
Success Ratio
U.S. Independent Restaurant Profit Margin
Cost Per Sq. Ft.


Raw space equals opportunity. 

Maximizing real estate and understanding building economics is a key part of the expertise we bring to the table. We reduce risk while maximizing the return by being fully immersed in the construction, design, and build with contractors, architects, designers, developers, and all stakeholders in the project. We are smart, nimble, and proactive with our approach and sit firmly at the center of all these moving and revolving parts. 

  • Schematic Design
  • Construction Coordination
  • Foodservice Design and Specifications
  • CAD Equipment Layouts
  • Equipment Procurement and Sourcing


Solve the problems before they arise. 

Even the most successful restaurants experience bumps in the road. Through tight operational controls, we minimize problems and better re-align the systems when they do occur. We see the project through the lens of an operator and we know what is it like to be in the kitchen. We connect the dots from vision, dollars, front of house and back of house, to systems implementation and training. 

  • Operational Assessments
  • Systems Development and Implementation
  • Back of the House Training and Development
  • Front of the House Training and Development
  • Management Advisory Services


A restaurant is never done. 

Every moment the doors of a restaurant are open, there is opportunity for improvement. We strive to make the financials stronger, the guest experience richer, the food better, the operations smoother, and we are the force that holistically improves the various facets of your business.

Businesses change over time. Visions are recreated. Guest demands evolve. It’s necessary that you continually refine your business and avoid complacency to remain relevant in this competitive arena. We evaluate where gaps may exist and infuse the clarity and the tools required to achieve success. 

  • Financial Turnarounds
  • Reconcepting of Existing Operations
  • Menu  Redevelopment
  • Management Development
  • Cost Audits and Control Implementation
  • Culinary Training & Development

“Ed and Matt took us under their wings, working on food costs, staffing/labor costs, reorganizing kitchens, redesigning menus and so much more. Over the past year, our sales have soared and costs have lowered! Words can not express how much we love these guys!” 
– Patricia Gaudreau, Blount Fine Foods