Don McLaren selected RealFood to craft the concept, develop the operating model, oversee design and coordinate every aspect of the development of the Food & Beverage concept for the 45000 sq. ft. luxury family entertainment center Wamesit. The RealFood team worked with the ownership and the architecture team from very early in the process to conceive the individual foodservice concepts that spanned across the complex. From a fast casual café to the luxury PGA simulator golf course to the private dining rooms and the full service dining area. The team crafted the distinct and complimentary service model that meets the needs of the diverse demographic. These areas were a compliment to the foodservice that existed across the entire lane arcade and entertainment areas of the facility. RF designed and specified all the foodservice areas moving to co-ordinate the bid, procurement and installation of all the specified equipment. The end result of the team’s effort was a highly flexible operating model that opened at a sales level double of ownerships projections and delivered a food and beverage experience that drove frequency and expenditures far beyond the ones associated typically with a stand alone family entertainment center. RealFood crafted unique concepts to support and elevate a very differentiated, highly unique destination concept.