Taberna de Haro

Taberna de haro has been an established brand for years and a destination for intimate, authentic Spanish dining with a world class wine list. As it success grew, the limited dining and kitchen facility became a limiting factor. Chef-owner Deborah Hansen had the opportunity to double her square footage by taking over the adjacent retail space and reached out to RealFood for assistance. RFC worked with Chef Hansen and her architect to define space allocations, defining how to use almost all of the new space for revenue generation by redesigning the kitchen to significantly increase capacity within its existing footprint.

By designing and equipping a highly efficient kitchen space, that also serves as a visual focal point, the new space was crafted into a signature tapas and cocktail bar, featuring a back bar crafted from a reclaimed early 20th century theater marquis. Additional seating program allowed the addition of flexible long seating and created new revenue opportunities that the previous design did not present. RFC’s ability to maximize production through thoughtful design and specification not only maximized revenue opportunities but enabled highly efficient labor management while never compromising the hand crafted cuisine that made TdH a destination for years.