Cape Elizabeth will always remember the original Rudy’s of the Cape as a casual place where they could meet anyone from “lawyers to lobstermen” while getting good food in good company since the 1960s. Well, Rudy’s 2.0 is working hard to make sure the new Rudy’s lives up to the original Rudy’s promise of warm hospitality, plentiful food + drink, and a downright enjoyable destination for people from Cape and beyond.

Rudy’s is proud of their heritage of being a casual gathering spot and hang-out. They have kept that vibe alive but amped it up. The new building is all about casual comfort. The new menu is all about serving up creative cuisine you crave—with a very big focus on locally-sourced ingredients from people they know (and maybe you do, too).

Matt Camilleri and the RealFood Consulting team have helped us immeasurably with our new restaurant. Matt stepped in just as we began the kitchen and bar design process for our new building and has continued on with us through every stage of start up and beginning operations. His wealth of knowledge is wonderfully complemented by his upbeat, helpful style. He works really well with all the members of our team and is available whenever we need him (including Saturday nights!). Among many of his roles, he saw us through hiring, menu building and even opening night. We now are relying on him to streamline our costs and inventory processes. The money we saved from avoiding mistakes and streamlining operations due to his help, more that makes up for the reasonable consulting fees. Thank you Matt and RealFood for helping make our place a success!

The Rudy’s Team