George Howell Coffee Company

at Boston Public Market

The famous George Howell Coffee Company (GHC), once again, selected RealFood Consulting to partner with them on their latest retail location at the Boston Public Market. GHC was developing a 350 sq ft retail location as part of the new public market project in downtown Boston. The anticipated visitor volume through the market, featuring 35 locally based vendors and producers, required detailed programming of the tiny space to ensure GHC could maintain their high standards of product and service. RealFood worked closely with Neimitz Design Group to maximize the capacity and productivity while ensuring pleasing sightline on the open concept space. To help GHC open to successfully open to a crush of visitors, RFC worked to:

  • Define customer flow and process to maximize throughput
  • Worked with inspectional authorities to maximize space while meeting all code requirements
  • Expedited fabrication by leveraging contractor relationships
  • Completed field coordination in lieu of a dedicated general contractor

The small cafe opened successfully, exceeding all sales projections on opening day, while maintaining the critical elements of top execution and a distinctive customer experience. Many times clients ask if RealFood is overkill for a small project – we say no. When space is at a premium, when every inch counts and when efficiency equals profitability, having the experience and breadth of the RFC Consulting team to make the most of you space is a key to success.

Ed is fantastic at troubleshooting in challenging circumstances, all while making sure things are done the right way and deadlines are met. It’s clear he has high standards for the work that’s done under his watch, and everyone associated with the project understands that quality is uncompromised. Ed is highly regarded in the field and knows a lot of people, so he pulls out all the stops, makes calls and comes through over and over again for us in a very responsive way. We knew we wanted to work with Ed for this project and will work with him again for continued success.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, Chief Operating Officer/George Howell Coffee