El Jefe's Taqueria Sign

El Jefe’s Taqueria

RealFood Consulting was retained by one of its earliest consulting clients, John Schall of Fire & Ice in Harvard Square to reposition it as a handcrafted, quick service taco concept seeking to do exceptional volume in a highly desirable Harvard Square location.  RFC worked closely with John to develop an operational flow that would enable a speed of service that would achieve his sales projections while ensuring the highest quality of food that would separate him from the crowded burrito and taco marketplace. Our team worked closely with the general contractor and architect to minimize development expense by utilizing as much of the existing infrastructure as possible.  An operations strategy was implemented, utilizing slow cooking technology and advanced food holding equipment that would enable a highly elastic labor model

and again, focus on the speed of service and a highly consistent, hand crafted product.   The entire project was completed on a very accelerated timeline, including a buildout period of less than 4 weeks, and was completed on a highly aggressive budget.  El Jefe’s Taqueria was able to execute sales on Day One that exceeded pro forma targets established by the operator and solicited extraordinary feedback from all of the guests.  The work done at El Jefe shows that even in a small space and a short time line, on an aggressive budget, dramatic results can be delivered to provide a differentiated product on a simplified operating model.  When the space is small, and the timeline and budget are short, having the right resources on your team are even more important.