Craigie on Main Kitchen

Craigie on Main

After 5 years of a high-level of operational success, Craigie on Main’s kitchen had been worked hard and was ready for a refresh. Owner Tony Maws was seeking to provide increased capacity to his kitchen and streamline production capabilities as he sought to open a second location.  As Craigie is a very busy restaurant, one of the most important objectives was to minimize operational downtime. Chef Maws retained RealFood to design and coordinate a food service renovation.  The RealFood team designed and specified a new heavy duty custom cooking suite to replace his outgrown moltini bistro suite.

Working closely with the chef and manufacturer  to design a highly efficient and highly customized cooking suite was the key step to obtaining operational objectives.  As the new suite was larger than before RealFood worked closely with the general contractor to coordinate relocation of walls and utilities to afford additional kitchen space. RealFood’s coordination and detailed work of general contractor enabled the project to be completed as scheduled with a complete renovation and re-equipping of the high-end kitchen in only ten days.

“I literally called Ed Doyle and said, “Tell me if you think I’m crazy.” I’ve got a small window in time to put in a new island suite and do a couple of tweaks to make the kitchen operate more efficiently. Am I nuts? And everyone was willing to do whatever took to get that new suite in there. We got it done in that window and I couldn’t have done that without RealFood.”

− Chef Tony Maws, Craigie on Main