Commonwealth Cambridge

Steve Postal, a.k.a. “Nookie” knew what he was looking for long before he found it. RealFood evaluated countless locations for his new concepts for a full service restaurant with a market and quick service component. When the perfect location opened up in the rapidly developing Kendall Square, Cambridge, Ma he had found what he was searching for. RFC worked with Nookie and the developer to craft a deal that made sense for both parties and made the project viable. From there it was making the space and the budget work. Working in concert with architect and general contractor, RealFood was a key part of the team designing

a space to maximize revenue and manage the development budget. Designing a facility that could serve the multiple points of sale required careful planning. Managing to do that within a highly aggressive budget was an even bigger task. RFC specified high-value equipment, assistance with used equipment sourcing and extensive value engineering of the project got Nookie where he wanted to end up – a high performing restaurant that was built within his budget. When money is no object, anyone can design a space – when you have a budget to consider, RealFood can get it done.



Chef Nookie Postal of Commonwealth Cambridge shares his experiences when opening his first restaurant.