View of Centre Street's Dining Area

Centre Street Cafe

When the owners of Tres Gatos in Jamaica Plain, Ma. decided it was time to develop another restaurant, they quickly went back to RealFood Consulting, who worked to develop their first restaurant three years prior. Owner David Doyle (no relation to Ed Doyle) became aware that a local restaurateur was looking to sell a great center-block location in the city center, he immediately saw it as an opportunity. How big an opportunity was not clear. RFC worked with David in a myriad of roles to make this project a success – starting with assessing what the opportunity was. RealFood quickly worked with ownership and architect to define what could be done with the space to maximize both the customer experience and financial performance.

Initial services RealFood provided included: base building assessment, existing equipment evaluation, design development advisory with architecture team and purchase strategy planning and more. Once the model proved viable, RFC moved into full development mode, working with the architecture team to redefine service flow to overcome significant code issues and maximize seating capacity, while providing a highly flexible three day-art facility. RFC worked closely with owner and GC to resolve discovered challenges and ensure that GC pushed to hit opening deadlines and detail of work client desired. RealFood moved on to complete full equipment specification and layouts, based on an evolving operating model. RFC completed the work of full equipment bid/procurement, coordination of equipment install and FS start up.

The end result of RFC and the team’s work was a facility that, on a very aggressive capital budget, opened as a community focal point, featuring a highly efficient, compact display kitchen that was able to exceed revenue projections within the first 45 days while delivering a hospitality experience that immediately garnered critical acclaim.

"Ed and his team at Real Food Consulting totally saved our project and delivered an ideally conceptualized and executed food production facility in a way that also allowed for the practical concerns of meeting budget, maximizing seating, accommodating design aesthetics, making the space ergonomic for service staff, etc... Ed's holistic design process is a must for contemporary restaurants to start off and stay competitive. Simply put, I will never, ever do a restaurant without Ed Doyle being involved."

Keith Harmon, Centre Street Cafe