Captain Kidd

RealFood Consulting was retained by Captain Kidd restaurant in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. After 45 years of successful operations, the management team was seeking to reinvigorate the brand and reposition it within the marketplace. RealFood Consulting completed an assessment of current brand assets and product offering. RealFood Consulting worked with ownership to craft a new customer experience strategy. RealFood oversaw the redesign of the historic waterfront facility, including selection of interior designer Carol Design, complete redesign of two bar areas, design implementation of a new raw bar element, creation of a private dining, and dedicated waterfront lounge.

In the back of the house, RealFood redesigned the foodservice areas, including the completion of a highly flexibly custom chef’s line that would enable significant labor flexibility throughout the seasonal fluctuations of business. RealFood crafted a new regional, highly seasonal, locally-sourced menu concept that was structured around the high volume requirements of the space, and the labor challenges presented by seasonal staff. RealFood crafted all back of the house operating systems including recipe, cost and inventory management tools. Upon seasonal startup, the RealFood team completed on-site training with the entire team including new management, front and back of the house staff.

“RealFood Consulting raised the bar in professionalism with the expertise, knowledge, and excitement they brought to our project. Ed Doyle and his staff have an energy that is unmatched.  Their commitment to revitalizing our business ensured a fantastic experience as well as our continued long term success.”

− Owner James Crowley, Captain Kidd