Blount Seafood, in the New England food business since 1880, operates a retail devision of year-round and seasonal “clam shacks” in addition to its core soup and seafood production facilities. Ownership wanted to improve unit and overall retail division financial and operational performance – RealFood got the call. RFC started out with our signature Operational Opportunity Analysis – a multi day evaluation of all aspects of operations, back office and financial measures – to identify where opportunities lied within the organization. With this data, RealFood was able to craft a detailed strategy to reposition the concept and take the operations team to a new level. These strategies included restructured menu offering, implementation of advance cost controls, improved internal reporting, and extensive team training. Beyond just crafting the strategies, RealFood worked with the management teams to ensure proper implementation and execution of these new tools.

RealFood continued to work with the management and staff over the next weeks and months to maximize the results and fine tune as required. Clearly, the highest priority of the project, was to build upon Blount’s commitment to extraordinary customer experience and a top quality product. While these metrics were improved, the newly implemented systems significantly reduced prime cost and increased NOI across all units. Based on the success of these efforts, Blount continued to engage with RealFood in an management advisory services capacity to assist ins strategic planning and to monitor operations while assisting in refinement and further redevelopment in HR controls, marketing and executive development. The partnership between RFC’s commitment to delivering results ann Blount’s commitment to the customer has formed the basis for a lengthy, successful partnership.

In August of 2013 the Blount Clam Shack team was introduced to RealFood and instantly they became a part of our family. Ed and Matt took us under their wings, working on food costs, staffing/labor costs, reorganizing kitchens, redesigning menus and so much more. Over the past year, our sales have soared and costs have lowered! Words can not express how much we love these guys, they make you work hard for everything they teach you but they both understand what this crazy industry is all about. We listened and learned from the best and we are forever grateful!

Patricia Gaudreau, Blount Fine Foods