Every project is one of a kind and has its own set of special circumstances, Avenue Restaurant is no exception.  We are always honored to be chosen as the foodservice design team for a Chef’s first restaurant venture.  Owners and operators, Jessica and Josh Foley, approached us to help bring their restaurant and bar dream to life.  With the desire to create a true neighborhood gathering place as well as unique food and beverage offerings, we worked with them to develop key elements of equipment design to distinguish Avenue from the pack.  From the onset, working and designing in a restored century old building gave us the opportunity, along with the landlord and Ashling Construction, for creative facilities planning that delivered maximum productivity out of the space.  Besides a traditional hot line, the addition of both a wood burning custom char broiler and a wood burning pizza oven gave Josh the firepower and variety of flavor profiles so integral to his concept.  The open kitchen layout highlighted the aforementioned showpieces for every customer to experience.  From service stations, preparation areas, the bar and draft beer system, every element of design was focused on efficiency of flow and a reduced labor model that will support sales growth and profitability.  Working on the Avenue Restaurant project with Ashling, as always, was an exciting and professional journey.  Every step of the way, clear and concise communication led to seamless collaborating with a common goal to exceed our clients expectations.  We value and share Ashling’s commitment to creating one of a kind hospitality experiences along with cutting edge design.

RealFood embraced the project in a collaborative way. There was lots of good synergy between RealFood, Trimark, Ashling and CKI Design that made my life easier, made the project doable and made me thankful I had a great team guiding us along the way. When Tony was in the space, he had a great critical eye trying to get to solutions, including a wood burning grill that is a signature piece for our space. Before starting the project, I drew the kitchen 100 times, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted. In the end, the kitchen layout RFC designed is different than I envisioned, but honestly, it’s better, more efficient and will pay off every day, for years to come.

Josh Foley, Chef Owner/Avenue