80 Thoreau

Ian Calhoun knew he wanted to open a distinctive restaurant in the town of Concord, Mass. where he grew up. Ian also had the business acumen to know he needed the right team around him to make it a success. As Ian was part of the RealFood team at the time, he did not have to look far. RealFood worked with Ian to provide a range of services from the early stages of his development, throughout design and development, all the way out through construction and equipment installation. As part of our work with Ian, as all our clients, we take the time to understand the business model and operating plan for each restaurant. This is key as this not only forms the foundation for operational success, but forms the basis for our design-specification work as we develop a space that works.

RFC’s team worked with Ian to build upon the extensive financial modeling that Ian’s team did, including benchmarking it to market data and providing outside advisory services to validate his assumptions. Once our team had a full understanding of Ian’s operating model and sales projections, we worked with Ian and the architectural team to define flow and function of the space. Developing an operating model for a kitchen that was not only a centerpiece to the space, but defined the two different dining spaces, combined form and function but also elevated the preparation and presentation of the food as part of the dining experience. The end result of the team’s efforts brought the first destination dining room to the Concord marketplace and once again demonstrated RealFood’s commitment to understand and deliver on our client’s visions.