“It is wonderful to be able to use my financial and business background in the hospitality industry. It is always evolving, gives people so much joy, and is incredibly rewarding.” 

After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in economics, Peter began his career as a derivatives trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. From there, he became the second hire at a financial start-up, Omni Point Capital, and was responsible for driving the firm’s rapid growth. Peter left the financial world to earn his MBA at Babson College and to follow his passion for improving the hospitality industry.

Before joining RealFood, he was a member of the Business Development team at The Alinea Group in Chicago, where he leveraged his experience in financial modeling, operational strategy and technology solutions to help build foundations to allow the restaurant group to scale. He uses all of those skills at Real Food to help clients gauge the feasibility of a project or find new ways to increase profitability.

Peter loves to be on the pulse of restaurants happenings, trends, and openings. He lives in Boston’s South End.

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