First Vision

Every restaurant begins with an idea.



Solve problems before they arise.



A restaurant is never done.


We Open
You may open 1-3 restaurants in your lifetime, we open hundreds. This is our bread and butter and we know how to make this a seamless process. 

We Design
Good design goes beyond eclectic tables and funky lighting. We design to make your space not only look incredible but also to perform and profit.

We Develop
We work with you to find a space for a concept or a concept for a space. Partnering with both developers and chefs builds a partnership for success.

We Fix
Improving upon an existing restaurant can often times be as challenging as starting from scratch. We rebuild, reassess, and rediscover the ways in which your business can be reimagined.  

RealFood Process


A restaurant is an evolving living entity. From vision to development to improvement, running a restaurant is a constant flow. Our expertise ensures the process is seamless and streamlined no matter where you are in the cycle.

First Vision

Every restaurant starts with an idea. And we want to help you make that happen. It’s more than the food. More than the menu. We get that.

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Finance & Development

Numbers are the reality. We can help you build your:

  • Business plan
  • Pro-forma budget
  • Cost analysis & modeling

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Design & Build

We maximize real estate and understand building economics. It’s what we do. Along with:

  • Foodservice design and specification
  • Construction oversight and coordination
  • Equipment procurement and bid management

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At this stage it is all about problem solving. We minimize problems, assess risk, connect the dots and so much more. Here is where the rubber truly meets the road.

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Businesses change over time. Visions are recreated. Guest demands evolve. If you do not change, you lose. Let’s evaluate the operational structures, the systems in place, and the financial model to see what improvements we can make. 

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Many prospects believe that they cannot afford to work with RealFood Consulting. With years and years of expertise in building and improving restaurants, Ed Doyle shares why you cannot afford not to work with RFC.

Chef Insight

Watch Chefs Tony Maws and Steve “Nookie”Postal talk about opening restaurants while partnering with RFC.

Design and Build

Tom Clark of Ashling Construction and Peter Niemitz of Niemitz Design Group share how they work with RFC to bring a restaurant to life.

We are only as good as the project we just completed.

Check out these examples.

Our clients are our best references / SEE PROJECTS

What I paid RealFood was some of the best money I spent on the entire project. They made that money back times ten on savings and value. And I would do it again in a second.

Chef Nookie Postal, Commonwealth Cambridge

RealFood took us under their wings, working on food costs, staffing/labor costs, reorganizing kitchens, redesigning menus and much more. Over the past year, our sales have soared and costs have lowered! We are forever grateful.

Patricia Gaudreau, Blount

I am extremely happy that we chose to work with RealFood on our restaurant’s expansion. Not only were they knowledgeable and experienced, they were incredibly responsive to our needs, and really became an integral part of our team.

Elizabeth Akehurst-Moore, Trails End Cafe