Our President, Ed Doyle, Quoted in Nation’s Restaurant News!

RealFood’s President, Ed Doyle, was recently quoted in an article from Nation’s Restaurant News, discussing disruptive kitchen practices and their impact on increasing a restaurant’s profitability. Here’s a quote from the article:

Doyle insists that the ability of holding cabinets to stage food for rapid finishing is underutilized in most kitchens. He says too few chefs understand how precisely and safely modern cabinets can heat and pasteurize food, and then hold it just below finishing temperature throughout service. When it comes to what hungry customers want, speed thrills.

“You can do an 8-ounce burger cooked perfectly to temp and send it out the door in three to four minutes when you have a bunch of them staged in a cabinet at medium-rare,” Doyle says. “When all you have to do is hit it on the grill and maybe add some cheese, you increase productivity.”

He calls this style of cooking “really disruptive technology” that forces chefs to think differently. When they see these advanced cooking methods in action, he says it’s much easier to understand how they work in conjunction with traditional cooking methods.

“The best scenario is when you pair this new technology with old school cooking methods,” Doyle says. “We have a client who brings split chickens up to about 156 degrees in the holding cabinet, and when he gets an order, he breads it, fries it and is done in five to six minutes.”

“That’s getting a high level of product consistency from really limited labor,” he says. “How do you go wrong with that?”

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