Firebrand Saints

RealFood Consulting worked closely with project architect, Studio Troika, to craft a cutting edge space for Chef-Restaurateur Gary Strack, that presented a blend of art, technology and culinary showmanship – to deliver a space that would be truly unique in the high tech Kendall Square marketplace. RealFood based its initial designs on operations planning completed with Chef Strack and integrated the functionality and visual and functional elements into Troika’s larger design vision. Working with unique finishes, lighting, and kitchen details, RealFood created a virtual stage for the chef that was also a focal point for the space as a whole.

Additional foodservice elements crafted as part of the bar extended the richness of the foodservice elements beyond the kitchen. Considerations of the foodservice design went beyond the functionality and visual appeal of the materials alone to create elements that added depth and visual interest to the space. RFC worked with the general contractor in detailed construction coordination to ensure all elements of the complex restaurant space achieved Gary’s vision for form, function and style. The end result is a place that presents the kitchen and its equipment as part of the art in the space, while sacrificing no aspect of efficiency or functionality.