Dudley Dough Interior Design

Dudley Dough

Dudley Dough… Pizza with a purpose.  RFC was happy to work with Kathe McKenna, Director of Special Projects for Haley House, on their new concept located in the recently renovated historic Ferdinand Building in Dudley Square.  RealFood was selected as the foodservice design partner, and our scope of work included design development, equipment specification, construction coordination and kitchen equipment installation coordination.  RFC, along with The Narrow Gate Architecture firm, came together to develop a space that could showcase and compliment the “Pizza with a Purpose” mission.  RFC was tasked to design a kitchen with maximum menu flexibility,

including fresh baked good, smoothies, ice cream, salads, and a focus on brick oven pizza.  The intimate space has an inviting open counter and pizza production area showcasing the handcrafted food and beverage offering supported by storage, refrigeration, preparation and ware washing in the back of the house.  This collaborative effort resulted in a triumph of overall design and operational efficiency.  RFC takes pride in delivering a foodservice design that is on budget, on time and exceeds the expectations of our clients, especially when it makes positive change in the community.

Haley House was excited to work with RealFood on the design of Dudley Dough. Ed came extremely well-recommended from others who appreciated the depth of his experience and Tony was a constant companion throughout the construction process. Both Tony and Ed have made themselves and their wisdom available even after we were 'up and running.'

Kathe McKenna, Haley House Director of Special Projects